Covid-19 Financial Resources

Spotlight: IRE's Customer Empowerment Program

A Leader In Supporting Their Industry

During these unprecedented times, Inside Real Estate is showing that the health and well-being of our real estate community is of utmost importance to them. They are committed to serving as a true partner to their clients more than ever, and have proactively set up even more resources to show their commitment to their industry’s community.

Inside Real Estate successfully launched their Customer Empowerment Program on 4/1/20 which is aimed at providing financial relief, virtual training, and enhanced productivity for brokerages, teams and agents across the US and Canada.  

This program includes:

  • Financial Relief: Inside Real Estate will provide eligible customers, whose businesses have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, financial relief in the form of deferred payments on existing subscriptions.
  • Virtual Training Summit: Inside Real Estate will host weekly, virtual training sessions for agents, teams and brokerages focusing on real estate strategies that help them successfully navigate the impacts of Coronavirus. Webinar trainings to include topics such as:
  • Hosting & promoting a virtual open house
  • Promoting your listings digitally
  • Engaging prospects & customers virtually
  • Leveraging video marketing
  • Connecting with your community using Landing Pages
  • New Customer Considerations: Brokerages and teams looking to get started with Inside Real Estate, who are facing short term financial setbacks due to coronavirus, will be eligible for special pricing concessions and product launch considerations.

These are stressful times for everyone, but Inside Real Estate has shown that they are capable of being flexible with the ever-changing needs of their clients, knowing that the agents, brokerages, and partners they work with are smart, dynamic leaders. 

They are confidently forging ahead, leading the way with new methods of helping teams stay connected and productive. Our real estate community is strong and resilient and we will navigate these challenging times, together.

Learn more about Inside Real Estate's Customer Empowerment Program here.